The latest from Marianne Ny was down last night but this morning I could read the following interesting news from Marianne Ny: "Westminster Magistrates Court i London beslutated på tisdagen att Julian Assange ska släppas fri mot borgen. Beslutet överklagades av den brittiska åklagaren. Som jag meddelade tidigare kan jag för närvarande inte lämna någon information om vad som händer i utredningen. Ärendet handläggs nu av brittiska myndigheter."
In English
"Westminster Magistrates Court decided last Tuesday to release Assange on bail. The decision was appealed by the British prosecutor. As I have said before I can currently not give any information about the investigation. The case is now handled by British authorities."

While the Guardian published the following: "Sweden has decided to contest the granting of bail to Assange, who is being held pending an extradition hearing, on the grounds that no conditions imposed by a judge could guarantee that he would flee, a legal source told the Guardian."

Swedish State Television reports the following:

"Accusations against Julian Assange

The lawyer Gemma Lindfield has on behalf ot the British state presented the Swedish suspicions towards Assange in court. According to Lindfield there are four cases of assaults: The night of August 14 Julian Assange is supposed to have used his body weight to hold down women A for sexual purposes. In another case he is supposed to against woman A:s will have had sex with her without a condom. A this case concerns sexual molestation against the same woman. A the third case is about sexual coercion agasint the same woman. In the fourth case woman W claims that Assange had sex with her without condom while she was asleep."  

A Swedish prosecutor cannot participate in a British court, therefore the lawyer Gemma Lindfield is representing Chief Prosecutor in the Assange court hearings. However, on Marianne Ny now claims that Gemma Lindfield is managing the case and makes all the decision and that the British authorities now are handling the case, the case is de facto the case Marianne Ny has against Assange. On the other hand British authorities the free Assange on bail but claimed that Sweden appealed the decision. Swedish State Television means that it is now the British state, via Gemma Lindfiled that is accusing Assange of four cases of sexual assault.

Is this a first step of Marianne Ny to distance herself from accusations and mismanagement that she maybe now wants to go away. Swedish media has done nothing to dig into Marianne Ny, her background and earlier mistakes as a prosecutor as well as the mistakes that where made during the first interviews with the accusors, there are others, good and honest Swedes that are not members of the big media or inner circle of the Swedish government, that digs into this now and so will I.


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2 - This is astonishing and valuable information. The British Defence lawyers and World Press are clearly saying that Sweden alone made the decision to appeal Assange's bail.If Marianne Ny is distancing herself, we need to know why and what the implications are. Congratulations again on your reporting. As long as there are Swedish commentators like you, you need not worry about your country's ultimate reputation.

3 - @nandj. Thank you for your encouragement. Swedish grassroots are digging into this case now as media won't do it. I will translate and publish as fast as I can. More to come!

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5 - we're not sure if the rolling eye emoticon means something else in Swedish, or if it is just about the preposterous positions of Marianne Ny and the conventional Swedish press. If, however, it is about us or the editor, we are pleased that the opposition is reading all this and that all they can do is pull faces. We encourage the editor once again to keep up the good work.

6 - Accoring to recent tweets from The Times journalist Alexi Mostrous, the decision to appeal did indeed NOT come from Sweden but from the The Crown Prosecution Service itself - time to blame the UK authorities then.
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7 - @Carl. Thanx for the update. How interesting and what a legal twist!

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