Did Marianne Ny have the right to take on the Assange case as a prosecutor?

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Many of us that is following the Assange case have realised that Marianne Ny has very little on Assange and that her agenda is to get him to Sweden without having Assange, his lawyers or the British legal system review her evidence in the case. She does not want to give Assange the chance to meet the allegations made by her as it would make her case fall apart and then she could not indict him in Sweden. She has told media at several occassions that it is no point for her to interrogate Assange in England, as she would not be able to immediately indict him there. Due to open holes in the Swedish legal system, a prosecutor can actually put a Swedish or foreign citizen in the bizarre situation Assange is in now.  Or is Marianne Ny really a prosecutor at this point or is she just trying out her personal theories concerning Swedish law?

One question is, if Marianne Ny had the authority to review and take on the Assange case at all, she has not been an active prosecutor for more than two years. Why was she assigned the case in the first place and how did it happen? From an interview with Marianne Ny made on February 5, 2010, published at InfoTorg Juridik the following is stated "Marianne Ny does no longer work as an operative prosecutor. But she likes it very much at Utvecklingscentrum and is happy that she can affect the everyday life of the prosecutors." So obviously she was not a chief prosecutor on February 5, 2010 but she must have gone back to becoming an "operative prosecutor" sometime before September 2010, before she got the Assange case? The question is why Marianne Ny who according to herself is assaigned to help other prosecutors, took on the Assange case and if she had the legal right to do so?



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