Problems with Swedish prosecutors

Swedish prosecutors and the system that empowers them have been questioned before. Many innocent Swedes have been abused by prosecutors that does not have to answer to anyone. I have translated a comment to a very interesting article called "Stop the prosecutors running amok", written by the Swedish lawyer Per E Samuelson about Swedish prosecutors, but first read this comment to the article (note that it is published on May 19, 2009, translated into English:

"A young man meets a young woman at a restaurant in one of our bigger cities. They like each other and they spend the night together and share a romantic taxiride  to the man's home. They part in the morning and never meet again. Four months later. One morning when the man is about to poor his morning coffee, he hears the paper boy outside and walks to the door to get his newspaper. At the same time he reaches the door,  he hears a loud bang and the door explodes. Fem men dressed in black wearing gloves barges into the house, grabs the man, where he loses conciousness for a short while but is woken up when he is dragged up from the floor, pushed to a wall and finds that his hands are cuffed. The young man is at that point convinced that he is being kidnapped and shakes and cries out of pure terror.
One of the man tells the young man that they are the police, but the man does not understand he is in shock.  
The man is taken to the police station and eventually realises that he has been arrested by the police as the woman he has not seen for four months has accused him of rape.
The background is as follows, the woman reported the man one week after their romantic night. The prosecutor instigates an investigation, but no one contacts the man. During four months this man who has never before been charged with anything, goes to work, hangs out with friends.
After four months the prosecutor decides to charge the man, sends the police who forge the door and arrest the man in the way that is described above.
Four months later no one at the restuarant will remember a young couple in a big city, four months later no taxi driver will remember a young couple who made out in his taxi a Satruday night.
After this incident the man has not recovered, eventhough many years has gone by since it happened.
It was a regular, young man on a Saturday night in a Swedish city."

The article is relevant to the Assange case it mentions that the prosecutors answer to no one but Justitieombudsmannen, JO, who is supposed to control and investigate any misconduct of prosecutors but that there is not much JO can do and therefore the prosecutors are allowed to "run amok" and harm Swedish citizens. Per E Samuelson writes the following:

"Lately there have been some criminal cases that make you wonder if the prosecutors are following the rules that apply for their work. I am thinking especially about the following cases: A prosecutor in Malmo does not find it necessary to investigate and in less than 24 hours decide that the policemen who sits in a police car in Rosengard and yells "f-ing monkey" to immigrants have committed a crime. In the Tomas Quick case the prosecutor is accused of having hidden evidence that could have freed the accused.........These and other cases make me wonder what the practical meaning is behind that the prosecutor shall be objective and is only allowed to charge anyone if he on objective grounds can expect a verdict. As this is the rule that is supposed to guarantee that the prosecutor does not close his/her eyes to the reality and never harasses people with baseless prosecutions. A rule that looks good on paper is never better though, than how it is applied in reality. And what does the reality look like? How do the prosecutors execute their plight to be objective? Well, in reality I strongly believe that the prosecutors do not always follow the principle of objectivity and that every now and then charges are made eventhough from the beginning it is obvious that the charge will lead to a non-verdict and even worse: In reality we have rules that make it impossible to reprimand a prosecutor who abuse his/her power the way I talk about here"


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