Anna Ardin made a "Tony Hayward statement"

Julian Assange is  jail and treated like a criminal after having been manhunted by Marianne Ny who obviously has endless resources in her quest to make sure Assange stays behind bars, guilty or not does not seem to matter to her  Everytime he goes to court in yet another bizarre turn of events he has to withstand huge media interest and his looks and moves are analyzed all over the world. One of the accusors obviously feels very sorry for herself and has, in my point of view made a statement to be compared to when BPs former exec Tony Hayward said he wanted his life back in the midst of the oil spill catastrophy. Anna Ardin twittered the following some days ago: "Är så less på allt som händer, tar det aldrig slut? Vill iallafall meddela teoretikerna att "den andra" var lika mycket drivande. In English "I'm sick and tired of everything going on, does it never end? Anyways, I would like to let the theoretics know that "the other" pushing for it as much as I did."
Well, she had one week to consider if she had been raped or not and she has had yet another four months to think about it, and she is not behind bars and free to do what she wants to, poor rich girl!

Thank you Eric for sharing the info on Anna Ardin's twitter, and thank you all of you "diggers" that have sent me more interesting information on this case! It is really helpful and keep on sending more info, everything is considered and checked out.

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