Assange granted bail again

Assange was granted bail again and can soon be out of prison. The Crown Prosecution Service has also clarified that they acted in the behalf of the Swedish prosecutor, which makes sense. The confusion around who actually made the appeal was caused by Marianne Ny who claimed that she had nothing to do with the appeal, she could have explained it the same way as below to avoid misunderstandings:
"The decision to challenge Assange's bail was taken by British state prosecutors acting on behalf of the Swedish authorities, but they were forced to defend this decision after the Swedes said they had not been consulted....The Crown Prosecution Service acts here as agents of the government seeking extradition, in this case the Swedish government," Britain's chief state prosecutor Keir Starmer told BBC radio on Thursday....A spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service added that it was common in extradition cases for British lawyers to take decisions on the course of action to be followed without consulting the country which issued the arrest warrant."

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