Marianne Ny a threat to Swedish legal justice

The Assange case has really made it very clear on who is in charge of Swedish legal justice and how skewed it is. It must be so, that the radical feminists, they do not have to be women, are in charge and do not only control the justice system but also Swedish mainstream media.
 A year before Assange was first accused of rape, prosecutor Rolf Hillegren was bashed by the radical feminists for having said the following "When you talk about rape you think mostly about horrible rapes. But when a man and a woman that know each other and the woman sais that she does not feel like it today, but the man still goes ahead. Of course it is unfair, but probably not worth two years in prison. It looks more like a minor offense." Rolf Hillegren later changed his first statement to the following: "I shouldn't have used the term 'minor offense' but I stand by my opinion. That having sex against someones will is an excellent social rule that is better suited for the etiquette books than the law books......I want to say that my view on rape crimes does not differ much from my colleagues views." The statements caused a media storm and prosecutor Rolf Hillegren was not allowed to handle any sex crimes until he retired this year. He was slashed by radical feminists that were given plenty of attention by mainstream media. Former legal professor Madeleine Leijonhufvud wrote the following in Svenska Dagbladet:

"Prosecutor Rolf Hillegren's statement about rapes where the involveds know eachother and the woman sais she doesn't want to and the man still goes ahead should be more of a minor offense is such a severe mistake that it disqualifies him from the prosecutor function......Every prosecutor might have opinions, but if he expresses such a view, in this way, he has proven to not be suitable to handle the prosecutor function in a legal justice society......Today, the prosecutors, in reality, executes a major part of the functions of the judges. Concerning sex crime praxis, their role is clearly more influential than that of the judges....No one, that find their rape complaint in the hands of Rolf Hillegren, can think that the complaint will be handled objectively."

Considering the above, it is remarkable that no one from in media or from the Swedish legal elite, has made the same complaint on Marianne Ny, regarding her statement: "Not until the man is in custody and the woman gets peace and quiet and gets a perspective on her situation, she will get a chance to find out how she was really treated" that in my point of view should have the same consequence for her, as Swedish prosecutors must follow the principle of objectivity, eg they must evaluate the case and the evidence from both sides, the alleged victim's and the alleged pepetrator's. So, can any man, accused of a sex crime in Sweden, or abroad, feel that they are in good hands, when Marianne Ny is the prosecutor in the case.  In analogy with Rolf Hillegren's removal from handling sex crime cases, Marianne Ny should also be removed from prosecuting sex crimes in Sweden, not only has she made a statement that is against the principle of objectivity she has also breeched these principles by not hearing Assange and not giving him access to the allegations and thereby options to provide evidence in the case.  

Is there anyone in Sweden who has guts to remove Marianne Ny, at least temporarily from her function and have someone audit the case? One has to take into consideration the long term damage the ongoing case has not only to legal justice but also to Sweden's voice in the global community.


4 - I don't think you will find a person with a sense of honour and respectability in Sweden to remove Marianne Ny, not even temporarily. I even think that from a feminist point of view, she has a relevant case. Two women who invite J.A, give a party afterwards in his honour, have lunch with him, pay for some of his expenses and do not even press charges in person against anyone. I would call it outright 'paternalism' to charge 'playboy' J.A. for sexual intercourse with two Swedish girls, who are both above 25 years of age. May be Marianne Ny is just jealous. Certainly, she could better have spent energy and resources in something which is relevant and does make sense. Sweden has enough political (sex) scandals and financial troubles. This illegitime and ugly action can't be commorated on a runestone. Emoticon

6 - Your quote of Ny may be taken out of context. Here is a PDF that contains the quote:

{ Link }

In the context of this PDF, the quote seems perfectly reasonable. Also, it seems that it is not a direct quote, but I am not good enough in Swedish to judge.

7 - @Marcin. It is a direct quote from Marianne Ny in the "Kvinnofridslagen" and it shows clearly, at least to me, that the general idea of Marianne Ny is to keep the man in custody to give the woman time to recover and think. It is not legal justice to put every man suspected for rape in custody in order to give a woman time to think. Interestingly enough in the same work "Kvinnofridslagen" Marianne Ny emphasises the importance of a making a video filmed interview with the woman as soon as possible after the alleged rape instead of notes made by the police that is interrogating the woman. In the Assange case Sofia Wilen was not video filmed during the first interrogation, her interview was recorded via notes made by a policeman.

8 - Now we see the fruition of the Frankfurt School’s ‘Long March through the culture/institutions’.

This is not about men versus women…

…this is about Cultural Marxism versus Civilisation…

The hilarious thing about this is that it is designed to bring about a “matriachical society as the ‘precursor’ to the necessary state of anarchy required to initiate a socialist society’…

…after then it’s no more matriachy…

…after then it’s ArtSem dormitories…bred worker-drones… no love… no family/competition with the State for the transmission of cultural values to ur children…

It is ALL available for independent verification…ask yourself why EVERY university course now has the requirement for a ‘critical theory’ component…

…then ask yourself who invented Critical Theory and what was it designed to achieve…..

…all roads lead to the Frankfurt School….

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