The Assange case is a backlash for women professionals

Swedish investigators are leaking information from the Assange case investigation and parts of it was selected for publication by the Guardian over the weekend. It is unkown how the interviews have been documented, if it is notes selected and handwritten by the police or is it tape or video recorded. Anyways, the claims comes from accusors. Reading it it becomes crystal clear that while Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen had a lot on their minds, there is not evidence that they communicated it to Assange. This is a case that might go to trial and send someone to prison and there is no room for "read between the lines" or the iceberg principle where Assange should have interpreted a snarky comment, a Bergmanesque sigh, an expression (in Swenglish) or a smile in a certain way. The campaign #talkaboutit that Swedish media seem to love is rubbish and is taking focus from what this case is about. It is about legal justice and it is also about professional ethics.  

If you look at it the other way around in the Anna Ardin case, a female high profile speaker was invited to Stockholm by a social democratic, christian group, the male press secretary offers her to live in his flat while she stays in Sweden. Is that ok? No, not really, it would not look good, especially if the male, single,  press secretary stayed there at the same time. No, it would not look good. Would leaks later confirm that the press secretary had had sex with the female speaker after she had allegedly stroken his leg with her foot during a dinner. So would his employer have said that it doesn't matter to them as it happened on his free time, like the Brotherhood movement did to distance themselves from a scandal where their press secretary had sex with a guest speaker they had invited. In this scenario, the female speaker would probably have been encouraged by Swedes to file a rape complaint. She was in a foreign country did not understand the language, had no where else to go, depended on the press secretary for the event, a place to stay and how to get around in a city she was not familiar with. What would the radical feminists have done? Torn the male press secretary apart!
The debate had not been about talkaboutit, it had been about work ethics. And this is a case not only about legal justicebut also about work ethics, Anna Ardin's actions are a shame for any female professional. How could she, let the professional women down by using her sexuality to get Assange's attention and herself 15 minutes of fame, it was not enough for her to do a good job as a press secretary, she obviously aimed at becoming the girl friend of Assange, seeing herself travelling by his side in the spotlight. She did not hesitate to break several ethical rules, what happened in her flat was not on her free time, she was at work all the time on duty as press secretary representing the Brotherhood organisation, they paid her wages. She should not have invited Assange to stay with her, a single woman in a small flat, even if nothing happened, it was bad enough for her to put herself at risk for any speculations. Now something did happen, and she did not hesitate to share intimate moments with the world, she knew very well that once she went to the police, the case would become world news. That is number two, she made a huge mistake, and then she decides to share it with the world, her own very unprofessional way of doing her job. Anna Ardin is old enough to own her sexuality, good sex, bad sex, miscommunication with a one-night-stand, it happens, rape is never acceptable, but to quielty accept being what you later call abused, is not acceptable. I am older than Anna Ardin but I am also from Gotland, went to the same schools, my family have known her family for a long time, I have also had the opportunity to invite men to Sweden for events, I do work with men, many from cultures that still have problems accepting women as professionals, a lot. Thank you Anna Ardin for the backlash I know feel as a Swedish professional woman.  
Having sex with another professional is a guarantee to lose respect amongst your colleagues. If you think that your guest would appreciate to have sex, you can hire someone to give it, a professional that owns her sexuality and know how to deal with different sexual preferences. Who the heck asked Anna Ardin to combine her job as press secretary with that of an escort girl? From what I understand she failed miserably in both roles. If someone you have met as a professional, on a job, be polite and walk away for heavens sake! Why cannot the other prosecutors do as Eva Finne did, woman up and close the case. I can see why Claes Borgstrom took the case though, he himself does not hesitate to mix work with sexual relationships, ask his first wife about it. Maybe the #talkaboutit would be how to handle yourself professionally and ethically as a woman. Especially if you label yourself Christian.  


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