Marianne Ny has lost control over the Assange case

Marianne Ny is failing the Swedish legal justice in many ways in her handling of the Assange case. Due to her agenda of delaying the interrogation of Assange, the trial is now being held in media who seems to be very well informed about the investigation, the latest is the testresults from of a condom that appears to be ripped apart and should be considered support of Anna Ardin's claims that Assange did something with the condom. The key question here is how the crime scene was investigated and how the condom was collected. We know that Anna Ardin filed her complaint ten days after the alleged assault, where was the condom? Who collected it and who sent it to SKL, the Swedish lab. Can the lab decide when the condom was ripped open? The more information that leaks from this case, the bizarre it gets. Also the statements from the women such as "I wished he would stop" supports Assange's statements that everything they did was with full consent.  

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