New interesting statement made by Expressen

Well, Aftonbladet was first out in Sweden with the ripped condom story, and later Expressen of course made the assumption that SKL has proven with some tests that Assange ripped the condom apart on purpose, they claim they could prove it by examining the condom itself. Wow, SKL are even better than CSI Miami! Interestingly enough, the Expressen article brings up some new information in the case towards the end of the article the follwing: "Assange means that the sex was consensual and that he did not damage the condom. The woman is supposed to have been scared to death that she could have been infected by Assange, who is known for his many affairs with women, writes VG."  I have not seen it mentioned before that the woman who claimed that Assange ripped the condom on purpose, who is supposedly Anna Ardin, knew that Assange had a reputation of having many affairs.  If it is a well known fact that Assange has had many sex partners, it is even more surprising that no one but Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen has had come forward to accuse Assange of sexual assault. Or is this what Marianne Ny is hope for by allowing her investigators to continously leak information to media, to wait and hope that other women will come forward? Considering the fac that Marianne Ny, via claims that she knows nothing about the leaks and that she cannot do anything, is in reality orchestrating a leak strategy? Or maybe it is true what she is saying, she really does not know anything and she obviously does not seem to care.


2 - Made a video here -> { Link }

"Julian Assange Kicks Kittens!"

According to Claes Borgstrom anyway. Sort of.

Hope you like it :)

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