Gun from the US allegedly used in Olof Palme assassination

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According to Svenska Dagbladet, citing the German magazine Focus, it might have been former Yugoslavian Secret Service, UDBA, who was behind the assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1987.  The weapon used in the shooting was a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum and was smuggled into Sweden from the USA. The UDBA had agents following Palme before the shootings that noted that the protection of Palme was very weak.  In 2008 the Prosecutor General of Germany interrogated the UDBA agent Vinko Sindici who claimed UDBA in Belgrad sent an assassin to Sweden who shot Olof Palme in central Stockholm on February 28, 1986.  

The interrogation report was sent to Swedish authorities in December 2008, but the German authorities claim they nver heard back from the Swedish police special commission for the Palme assassination "Palmekommissionen". Svenska Dagbladet contacted the director of Palmekommissionen who admits that they got the information and have been aware about this connection since 1988, made some investigations but closed the case some years ago. The German authorities have been a little bit surprised that they did not hear from the Swedish police regarding this information. According to Svenska Daglbadet, Palmekommissionen will at least read the article in Focus. The gun used in the assassination was never found.  Certainly interesting news in the Palme case but I would want to know the motive behind the assassination, the Focus article does not mention why the UDBA would want the Swedish Prime Minister killed.  
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1 - The link is right, but not the name of the Swedish ambassador, which was not Gustavson but Magnusson. The former was the name of the head of the secret service, who worked at the Swedish embassy in The Hague under the disguise as Consul General. He was later transferred to Spain as punishment for showing secret documents to Dr. Slobodan Mitric, which revealed that in 1974 the Dutch government requested the Swedish government to accuse him (Mitric) of rape. They then made a big mistake in accusing him of this crime, for Mitric was at that time living in Amsterdam. This was proven by many witnesses in the ensuing court case. Behind all this is a big international gang, which if not dismantled once and for all in some way, will continue their heinous crimes. The recent accusations made against the former Yugoslav secret service may well be part of a disinformation and smearcampaign to divert the attention from the real perpetrators. Emoticon

2 - The answer is simple, stick Palme murder
on Croatian Resistance Movement during communist times in Yugoslavia

3 - P.S.
I may have listed the wrong link in my previous comment to the blog where chapter 12 of the book "The Golden Tip" can be read, in which the visit to the Swedish embassy by the author about the murder of Palme is described. If so, the above link is the right one.

4 - The Swedish government knows at least since 1987 already who really killed Olaf Palme. This is stated by World Director of Reserve Police International Dr. Slobodan Mitric in his response below to a question from a professor (Adolf) in Sweden. Mitric, a former top counter secret agent for UDBA, who defected to the West in 1973, is the author of the book "The Golden Tip - The Entanglement of the Upper and Underworld and the Murder of Gerrit Jan Heijn" ({ Link } that I published in Dutch and English a few years ago here in Amsterdam. This book deals primarily with the author's valiant, but foiled attempt to prevent the kidnapping and murder of the Dutch Ahold industrialist G.J. Heijn, but there is also a chapter (12) describing his visit to the Swedish Embassy in the Hague in 1987 and his negotiations with the Swedisch Ambassador about the murder of Palme and the weapon used to kill him (see the blog listed).
The question posed by Adolf to Mitric was: "There is a report in a newspaper today [January 18] that UDBA knows who killed [Olaf] Palme. What do you say?"
Mitric answered as follows:
"Dear Adolf,
The Swedish state knows who killed Palme.
I own a revolver with which Palme was killed.
(The revolver is buried in a park in The Hague)
In my novel THE GOLDEN TIP you can read more.
Prof. F. Rüter [noted law professor and former President of Amnesty International in Amsterdam] was negotiating [on my behalf] with the state of Sweden.
Gustavson, the Swedish ambassador and head of the secret service SEPO in the Swedish embassy in The Hague has evidence.
Sweden promised to pay one million U.S. dollars in exchange for receiving the revolver with which Palme was murdered ...
Dr. Slobodan Radojev Mitric
World Director Reserve Police – International"

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