A Day at the Dali Museum

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Yesterday we went to visit the new Dali museum in St Pete. I have been fascinated by Dali's work since I first saw an exhibition of his work at Centre  Pompidou in Paris in 1978. My kids share the love of this eccentric artist so we have been looking forward to the opening of the new museum, inspired by Dali of course. The new $35 million building, designed by Yann Weymouth, who was involved in the renovation of the Louvre, certainly looks as  futuristic and eccentric  as Dali, eventhough the outdoor landscaping surrounding the building leaves some room for improvements, I am not a math genious but I did not understand how the landscape "married math science or geometrical illustrations".  And where in this vision does the ten dollar trash can and puts and cheap parasols belong?  

The new museum is twice the size of the old museum and at ground level you find the museum store and a cafeteria, the gallery is the third floor, if you choose the stairs you walk up through the atrium in a spiral, or supposedly a strand of DNA, pretty cool experience. The layout of the exhibition hall was confusing and lacked flow and my first impression is that to much at was cramped into a to small   space. In some of the rooms of the exhibition area the layout reminded my of that of a supermarket, with narrow aisles with art hanging on both sides of you when you walked through. It was difficult to focus on individual pieces and the narrow isles made it impossible to step away from the works and look at them from a distance or another angle. Another disappointment was the lack of information for each art work. I do not understand why the new museum wouldn't allow visitors to read a short description and background to each artwork? I am spoiled with art museums having a little note for visitors to read about the work they display so that you can look at the artwork and read about it at the same time. I am pretty sure they had those little notes in the old museum.

A picture named M2

After a rather confusing walk through the exhibtions we tried out the cafeteria that is located in one of the glass bubbles and feels open and airy, however $2 for a plastic bottle of water served at room temperature was not impressing, the chairs at the bar where super comfy though. It is neat that there is an outdoor space as where you can hang out and admire the architecture of the building, and also enjoy the view of the marina close by.

 Overall, we had a nice day at the Dali Museum and we liked the architecture, but as my youngest daughter said, a museum should be about the art work and I think they let Dali a little bit down by the way his art was displayed.  

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