Svenska Dagbladet claims that Assange is on rape trial

The Swedish national newspaper Svenska Dagbladet considers itself the choice for well educated and intellectual readers. They do let their readers down, in my point of view by being so openly a part of the campaign against Julian Assange personally and WikiLeaks. Many in Sweden believe that the reason for Swedish mainstream media to not publish balanced and objective reports on the Assange case is due to the fact that Anna Ardin, one of the accusors has many friends among the Swedish media elite, and that their loyality is stronger towards one of their own than to the readers and general public. I do not know why Swedish media refuse to investigate into the Assange case or more into the Stockholm cables leaked by WikiLeaks.  Yesterday, Svenska Dagbladet published yet another negative article on Assange and WikiLeaks.

The article begins with  "Pure leak fetischism has sprung out on the Internet. Following WikiLeaks are OpenLeaks, BrusselsLeaks, BalkanLeaks, TradeLeaks and GreenLeaks. The new sites take over when WikiLeaks are letting down their own ideals."

and continues "WikiLeaks gloria is getting more askew. The rape trial* against the foreground figure Julian Assange have been followed by accusations of antisemitism against Johannes Wahlström, the Swedish contact person of the organisation. Assanges latest paraniod statement that Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism and that he is at risk of being detained at the Guantanamo base and executed if he is extradited to Sweden, make even his most enthusiastic supporters embarrased. Many in his own camp are also tired of Assange's leadership style and self promotion. There are also rumours that the site is charging money for their leaks. And the biggest sin of them all for an organisation that demand the world to be open - it is not open itself.  
"The problem for WikiLeaks is that they are not transparent. It is a fact that they to different extent have charged money for their leaks. The goal is not to make money, but there is a risk that there will be a pricetag on leaks when WikiLeaks local contact persons are selling them piece by piece, says Christopher Kullenberg, author of the political-philosophical book The Internet-Political Manifest and Ph. D-candidate in Theory of Science at Gothenburg University.

The article ends with the following statement made by a Marcin de Kaminski Ph. D-candidate in Legal Sociology at Lund University:"I think that the leak sites must be based on some kind of value basis to justify their activities. It is this idealism that is lost when WikiLeaks have become more rock stars or commercial agents than transparency tools."

* The author of the article uses the Swedish term "våldtäktsmål" the juridical term "mål" is defined in Wikipedia as "en vid domstol anhängiggjord (=väckt) talan i ett tvåpartsförhållande" the Swedish term "väcka talan" means go to court. The term våldtäktsmål, would indicate to the reader that at least charges have been made towards Assange or that there is an ongoing trial in his case. It is remarkable that Svenska Dagbladet claims that Assange is charged or on trial for rape.  

Christopher Kullenberg who label himself a "net activist" and Marcin de Kaminski are members of the Julia Group that describes themselves as: "The Julia Group is a pronounced public opinionator organisation and want to counteract a development where political and commercial forces control the internet. We strive towards a serious debate about why a free internet is so important, and what can be done to make it all work. The Julia Group also wants to work as a unifier in the internet conversation by connecting people who presently maybe barely even know each other but who could do even more exciting things if they worked together. The Julia Group is therefore constantly participating in the ongoing dialogue about the internet and its future. We plan activity within both public opinion and research as well as technological development and juridical counselling. The goal of our seminars is to create fruitful exchanges between academics, politicians, media, the business world and grass roots."  

It appears that Christopher Kullenberg, at this point I do not know if he is related to Annette Kullenberg, sister of Claes Borgström, knows that WikiLeaks are being paid for certain leaks. I could not find any sources thereof in the article but will try to find out what he basis his assumptions on.

Rena läckfetischismen har brutit ut på nätet. I Wikileaks kölvatten kommer nu Openleaks, Brusselsleaks, Balkanleaks, Tradeleaks och Greenleaks. De nya sajterna tar över när Wikileaks sviker sina egna ideal.


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