Swedish journalist kidnapped in Egypt - updated, found in serious condition in a hospital

A picture named M2
Bert Sundström from an earlier broadcast today.  Photo: SVT

The Swedish foreign correspondent for Swedish Television, Bert Sundström has been kidnapped in Egypt. An editor at SVT called Sundtröm to get a report from Tahrir Square and a voice answered Sundström's phone and said in Arabic: "Your man is with the Egyptian government, with the military. If you, children of a whore, want him, come and get him."  Currently SVT suspects that Sundström has been arrested by the Egyptian military, but no one knows for sure what has happened to Sundström.  
UPDATE Sundström has been found in serious condition at a hospital and has been operated on for knife wounds in the abdomen, at the moment there are two Swedish policemen with him at the hospital. Really, really bad that journalists are being attacked and stabbed.

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