#Assange, hearing in London a victory for Swedish social media

The hearings in the Assange extradition case in London today has been a rehash of what has been discussed mostly in blogs and other social media in Sweden. Some bloggers and other people that have expressed their opinions on the case have been presented as witnesses by the Assange side. Brita Sundberg-Weitman former  Associate Professor of Public International Law and former lawspeaker (title for president of the district court) has written some good articles about the Assange case on newsmill.se. Göran Rudling, who edits the blog samtycke.nu (consent now) has also been called to witness as he was the one who saved and noted the revenge manual posted by Anna Ardin on her blog. The site Flashback that contains more than 23 000 comments on the Assange case has certainly also served as an important source for the British legal team defending Assange. Yet again the social media does a much better job reporting on a case as well as mirror the public opinion about the case better than the Swedish old media that dropped the ball in the Assange coverage already on day 1.  


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