Swedish media unconscious in the #Assange case

Swedish journalists are either half asleep or busy #talkaboutit to produde any intelligent analysis whatsoever of the ongoing #Assange case. A dazed Karin Thurfjell at Svenska Dagbladet, once a respected national newspaper, finds that foreign and social media ridicule and smear the Swedish legal system, newsflash ms Thurfjell, Swedish journalists are being ridiculed as well. The Assange case has many interesting aspects, sexuality, gender equality, legal justice, cultural differences in a global world, language, cross cultural communications, feminism, Swedish laws vs the Swedes, is the Swedish legal body subject to political pressure?  Somehow, these subjects are not interesting enough or taboo for Swedish mainstream media.

The hearings in London will continue tomorrow, then the judge will take his time to announce his verdict and once the verdict is published one of the parties will probably appeal to a higher court. The speculations and questioning of the Swedish legal system at least when it comes to this particular case, are justified, and they need to be explained by legal expertise and analysed by specialised reporters in Sweden.
I have a questions myself ; what is the legal difference between being asleep, half asleep and half awake? These are conditions Sofia Wilen claims to have been in, when Assange allegedly initiated sex with her. Wilen has made different statements to different people at different points of time so maybe she does not even remember herself, especially now after having been coached in the right direction by Borgstrom. Note that Borgstrom has proven before that he does not really care for forensic evidence in criminal cases, he thinks that the statements from the accusors or the accused are enough, look at the most scandalous cases in Swedish criminal history, the Thomas Quick case, where a mentally ill and heavily drugged patient at a mental hospital confessed to eight unsolved murders in Sweden and Norway and was convicted without any evidence at all, his defence lawyer Borgstrom allowed this to happen, he never asked for evidence and allowed his client to be convicted on his own delirious confessions.
Anyways if Swedish law will allow women to claim that they where raped by a man they shared bed with and had had consensual sex with some hourse before, just because the same man inititates sex while they were allegedly asleep it should be examined and discussed and investigated by experts and the Swedish citizens, and not suffocated by silence from mainstream media.
It would be very interesting to hear an expert on the subject of consciousness, as on the consciousness scale, being asleep is the same level of consciousness as being awake. "A normal sleep stage from which a person is easily awakened is also considered a normal level of consciousness."
So where does Swedish justice and especially Claes Borgstrom stand when it comes to consciousness? A delirious man's confessions are enough for convictions in a murder case but a woman that is asleep, half asleep or half awake is considered unconscious and helpless?

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