Swedish Prime Minister goes feminazi on the #Assange case

As expected the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt didn't dare to speak up for legal justice but decided to support the feminazi side of the Assagne case; The Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt talked to journalists today, according to Expressen Reinfeldt regrets the image of Sweden that is being spread during the London hearings of Assange. He says that "I can only regret that womens' rights are taken so lightly when it comes to this kind of questions compared to other types of theories that are presented." He also wants to emphasise that we have an independent,  judicial organ in Sweden and that this is about the legal security of women being at stake. "We cannot forget what's at risk here. It is the right for women to have their case tried, the find out whether they have been sexually abused or not. "
Well, Reinfeldt agrees with Social Democrat Claes Borgstrom that Swedes should have a lawyer present when they have sex, and does not address the real issues here. I am not impressed, he does not seem to get it!  


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