Wall Street Journal did not translate Perklev correctly

As I mentioned in my previous blog post the Swedish Prosecutor General stated that  "the prosecutor must as far as possible proceed with the criminal investigation and when [my bold] there is enough  evidence, make a decision to prosecute." [Det innebär att en åklagare i princip är skyldig att så långt det är möjligt fullfölja en brottsutredning, och när det finns tillräcklig bevisning, fatta beslut om åtal. ]. Wall Street Journal publish this translation into English, which actually makes sense,but still this is not what Perklev states: "Perklev said Swedish prosecutors are obliged to pursue criminal investigations when there is sufficient evidence that a crime has been committed." This would of course also be wrong because at the point when there is enough evidence the prosecutor shall make a decision on to charge or not to charge.  

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