Claes Borgström's sister on women's sexuality Claes Borgstrom's sister on women's sexuality

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Annette Kullenberg, sister of Claes Borgstrom, who is the defender of Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen in the #assange case expressed her views on two young women yesterday. Kullenberg was invited by the organisation Citypriset in Stockholm to award the winners, DJs and web-tv stars Rebecca and Fiona, she added some personal comments to the jury's motivations such as; "they have been whoring around the city", "they have slept with everyone on all quays." Annette Kullenberg also tells Dagens Media "One can say that they are the female versions of male swines, they have given the hoes a face. She also tells Dagens Media that the boyfriend of Rebecca left the show in anger and that it was otherwise a success as people laughed and applauded her jokes.
Well, I wasn't there but I would not call it a joke but a grave insult and has Borgstrom's sister been in the US she should have been sued for defamation before she could say ho. Unlike Swedish sex laws that only lawyers understand, this is a clear case of defamation and I do hope this woman is brought to justice for what she did to this young women.
It would be interesting to hear Annette Kullenberg's opinion on Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen!

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