Claes Borgström controls Expressen and Aftonbladet

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Yesterday one of the top stories of Aftonbladet and Expressen online was that Claes Borgström's sister, Annette Kullenberg had called two young and upcoming Swedish DJs for whores and compared them to male swines in their sexual behaviour. Today those news are gone from the online versions of the two national tabloids.  Obviously Borgström's sister's attitudes towards, "young girls" that Borgström prefers to call at least the accusers of #assange does not fit very well with Borgström's image as a feminist.  I wonder what Annette Kullenberg really thinks of Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen? Dagens Media that originaly reported about the scandal and talked to Annette Kullenberg still has the news available though. This incident proves that we have a mafia in Sweden that controls and edits what the national newspapers publish. It also appears as if at least one of the national newspapers edited statements made by the Swedish Prime Minister on the #assange case, to correct his errors on the legal situation of the #assange case.  


1 - How do you mean the articles are gone? I can find them if I google: fiona kullenberg

2 - @Maria. Thank you for the tips, I could not find the article when I wrote the blog entry, it obviously appeared again....

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