My contribution to #prataomdet

The #assange case has opened my eyes to how tiny and stinky a duckpond media Sweden has become.
I was born on Gotland, a small, exotic island and a great place for sex, romantic extraordinaire and seductive, especially in the summer....I left my wonderful homeisland to work abroad and later moved to Uppsala for studies at the university. Uppsala in the mid 80's was the place to be as a student I think, it was still innocent but yet exciting for a young woman to explore herself and others in a suggestive environment, Cinderella balls at the Uppsala Castle, "fika" at Alma Mater in the old university building,  walking home from "gasques" at one of the many nations along the dark Fyrisån. And all the fantastic and beautiful people I met there, it was magic. I do not at all recognise the bitter and hostile "gender equality" movement I have glimpsed through the Assange case via one of the alleged victim's activities at the university. I am thinking a lot about the fact that a young women like her, growing up at the same place as I did, our fathers being friends actually, and then studying at the Uppsala University made her such an insecure and revengeful person. Most Gotlanders are actually quite self-confident and secure with themselves, I see few of us having to boost our self- esteem by playing with the penis of an intellectual superstar rather than actually picking his brain. Quite pathetic, in my mind, to brag about having sex with him instead of having talked about global issues all night long. But of course, I forgot, no sex - no option for rape accusations, as far as I know we haven't (yet) any laws against brain rape in Sweden.

Sexuality is a big part of our personality and our lives and of course we #talkaboutit, I do not recognise myself in the #prataomdet statements that it is difficult to talk to others about both good and bad sexual experiences, it is, at least in Sweden until 2005 when I relocated to Florida, not more difficult to analyse a bad or good sexual experience than talking about a bad or good haircut. I feel that #pratomdet that appears to be a well orchestrated campaign to save one of the alleged victims from herself, has kidnapped the right for us Swedish women to enjoy sex and hides the fact that we actually always have #talkedaboutit.  And we all know that sometimes, especially with new partners you find that you are not sexually compatible, what some find kinky others find disgusting, what can you do in those situations, I guess most of us move on and add yet another experience to our rucksack we carry through life.
What does #prataomdet want, except save face of one of the alleged victims, do they suggest that when you are in a situation with a new, noncompatible sex partner,applies Swedish law by smacking your partner with a surprise visit by the police the day after, barging into his, yes it is always a he, home and arrest him for rape? Is that how we should deal with the so called greyzone in Sweden, to try out sex partners and if they did not read your signals you should #talkaboutit with the police who will instigate an investigation involving legal expertise to evaluate whether a crime was committed, and in the meantime the guy is locked up in jail so that you have time to #thinkaboutit?
It is scary that Swedish mainstream media and political elite want us, and the ROW, to think that, we should go to the police and report sexually incompatible experiences and allow experts to decide whether a crime was committed or not. And all this just to protect a fellow Social Democrat, feminist and D-list media person?
Assange, together with numerous Swedish men have been treated in a way that make me ashamed of being a Swedesse, I love men and even if they sometimes fuck-up in bed, they deserve respect and protection from legal harassment. Gender equality - maybe we should #talkmoreaboutit?
Time to #cleanupthestinkyduckpond I think, and make it clear to everyone, not only the legal professionals, where the sex ends and the crime begins.


1 - The editor write:
“And we all know that sometimes, especially with new partners you find that you are not sexually compatible, what some find kinky others find disgusting, what can you do in those situations, I guess most of us move on and add yet another experience to our rucksack we carry through life.”
I think a sexual relation ship with new partners is risky, because man and woman don’t know each other and makes mistakes. The question is can you repair these mistakes without to many consequences. I think that the most of the Swedish people think that Assange has been crossed the allowed boundaries. He said that his box of rape after the trial shall be empty. I think that he has been lied a little bit and did something in the grey zone. His lie is necessary because Sweden has terrible laws about sexual assaults for man against woman. In Sweden it’s always a he which is arrested for rape , waited sometimes a long time in jail before he go to court. The he would not get a fair trial. Hearing of rape cases are behind closed doors and they believe the woman first. Sweden makes the law for rape very complicate. If the woman go to the police than they make the arrest warrant without risk for the woman. Sweden think that they are the best guys of Europe and have a modern state with modern laws. I think that’s wrong if I look how they handle crimes of sexual assaults. On this moment with Marianne Ny as prosecuter for rape cases they are a kind of Saoedi Arab of North Europe. If I look to the black pages in the history of sexual crime in Sweden against women I think the government must look good to her own history of the twentieth century before she makes such inhumane strong laws against men. Sweden has a terrible sexual crime history, because in the past she has been made it for some groups of the inhabitants impossible to get children. They sterilized in the twentieth century a lot of Swedish women. This group in the North of Sweden was unwanted and must be limited. So Sweden be careful if you make and use laws against sexual assaults and suppose that you make and use the laws better than in the beginning of this century. Normal people and governments are not without any crime. Make it simple to repair sexual assaults for “rape” of the lowest degree. Example of a repair: In the case of Assange if Sofia Wilen is not infected than I think compassion with Assange after a letter of regret and a financial compensation of Assange is better for her than a trial. I am not a fan of Assange (I don’t like how he handles women), but we need Wikileaks, because he do/did good work.

2 - Rape is defined as not consenting to sex. Not consenting to sex without a condom is therefore considered rape. Assange is wanted for questioning in regards to the case. Cases like this rarely ever lead to convictions but you can't just not turn up for questioning! Assange needs to be extradited to Sweden so we can get this farce over with...

3 - @MC. It appears as if all sex was consensual according to the women and Assange. Condom was used and in the case condom was not used is was in consent with the women. The only possible rape that could have occured was if Wilen had been asleep while Assange had sex with her, but she was not she was half-awake and talking to him. Assange did go to the police for interrogation but after the case went out of control I guess he decided to cooperate but from afar, it is not unusual for Swedish police or prosecutors to interrogate people abroad either being going there in person or call or use video-conference.

4 - @Jansen. I do not know who tells the truth in the Assange case, what I do know a little bit about is what was noted by the police from the questioning of the women accusing Assange of rape. I do not know who tells the truth here, note that Assange has not been questioned concerning the rape allegations, so we do not know his side of the story. In my opinion, though there have been to many actions taken by the women that make me think they are not completely honest in their stories. I agree with you that there are many stones to look under concerning Swedish legal justice in sex crimes.

5 - Thank you for keeping us updated on what is going on in Sweden. US media is so pathetic, and I dont speak swedish (shame on me).

6 - WORD. Very good point

En mycket bra artikel

7 - @Richard. Don't feel about your Swedish language skills, it is a small language spoken by some 9 million people, and by the way you can do pretty good google translation Swedish - English!

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