New charity scandal in Sweden

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Svenska Dagbladet
 reports that a local Rädda Barnen, Save the Children charity in Stockholm appears to have been embezzled by two former board members who are politicians and jurymen. The former treasurer had told the  charity eight months ago that she suspected that there was something wrong and that she could not remain as treasurer under the current conditions. This information was not released to the board and the members until the annual meeting this year. The police will investigate if crimes have been committed and if so who committed them. Pretty bad if it is true that Swedish politicians and jurymen steal money that have been donated to help children.  It will be interesting to follow the investigation and find out how much of the donations aimed for poor children that allegedly  ended up in the pockets of the politicians. Rädda Barnen has 86 000 members and a total of members and donors give money to Rädda Barnen annually, in 2009 Rädda Barnen collected 405,6 million Swedish kronor from donors and 309,2 million kronor from organisations and authorities, totally Rädda Barnen made 756,8 million kronor in 2009.
Update. I think it is the Solna-Sundbyberg local chapter that has been embezzled it appears as if the minutes from their 2010 annual meeting has been removed as well as the information about board members at that time.
UPDATE. Very interesting article (in Swedish) in GP from October 15, 2009 about Save the Children and corruption
UPDATE, February 16, after a tips from a reader, I checked the web site of the local chapter Vällingby-Hässelby-Gamla Spånga and found a message under news that the board had resigned on January 24, 2011. Would be interesting to find out who was on the board that resigned.


1 - @Suzy. Thank you so much for this interesting tips, will see what I can find out today, if you have more info pls keep me updated.

2 - I am 100% sure that it is the Hasselby/Vallingby/Gamla Spanga local chapter. Have a great dayEmoticon

3 - Check this out:
{ Link }

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