Bieber wants to label abused women such as Lara Logan murderers

The stone age approach to women's rights here in Florida is in your face evey day, people have tags on their cars with the for Life propaganda and along the interstate there are huge banners reminding us that the fetus have a heartbeat etc, etc. And now, the retarded statement from a young successful boy, currenlty in the media spotlight. Justin Bieber uses his fame to label thousands of abused women murderers if they chose to abort a pregnancy caused by a rape.  Would Lara Logan have been raped and gotten pregnant, Bieber suggests her to have the child of her rapist, or otherwise she will not only become a rape victim but also a murderer in his eyes. Does Justin Bieber really suggest that a man can rape a woman and get away with sexual assault, but the woman shall carry the Scarlet Letter (or manybe a Bieber Badge) of being a child murderer?

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