Highland Games in Tampa Bay - March 26 - 27

A picture named M2

"Caber toss" in Scottish, "Störte stång" in Gotlandish

The traditional Scottish Highland games are similar to the so called Gutaspelen, traditional Viking games that are still very popular on my home island Gotland. The Gute games and the Highland Games are all about showing off how big and strong you are, and celebrate the Viking heritage, an important difference between the Highlanders and the Gotlanders though, is that the Highlanders do everything wearing a skirt!  As I am a Gotlander married to a Scottish clan man it is a must for me to visit the Highland Fling on March 26 and 27th at the grounds of MOSI.
Read more about the event here  http://www.bayarearenaissancefest.com/highland.html

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