Assange's extradition to Sweden - lost in translation?

The Assange case has so many interesting aspects, one of them is the language barrier, Swedish is a small language known by few and the English speaking world to whom Assange belongs is craving translations and tries to understand the Swedish legal system. Translating legal terms and thereby a legal system is difficult and I myself regret that there seem to be some issues with the terminology used in the EAW that causes misunderstandings and confusion now when Judge Riddle has decided that Assange will be extradited to Sweden. I agree with Riddle that the defense came up mostly with a lot of "fluff" and that it was a mistake to use retired legal professionals that had mostly made a lot of noise in Swedish networked media. Bjorn Hurtig appeared confused and not organised in London, and judge Riddle deemed him unreliable, I think Bjorn Hurtig should have been better prepared for his appearance in an English court, sometimes Swedish honesty and transparency can be considered ambiguity in other cultures. Anyways, the key legal issue is on which legal grounds the EAW was issued and why Marianne Ny is leading the preliminary investigation in the case.

I recommend anyone interested in the legal framework of the EAW and how the two EAW:s to extradite Assange were formulated to watch this seminar on the Assange case arranged by Lund's University (one of Sweden's "Ivy League" universities) in this episode you can listen to Assistant Professor in International Law Christopher Wong. The most interesting point in this I think is the terminology used in the issued EAW, "for the purpose of conducting a criminal prosecution".  The question is, is the Swedish prosecutor at this point of the investigation performing a "criminal prosecution" in Swedish she is currenlty working on the preliminary investigation which is a part of the so called "lagföring" in Swedish, but the term lagföring does not mean that a suspect that is being "lagförd" will be charged or that the case will be tried in a court of law.

I looked at the English page about the Swedish Prosecutors published on  This page presents an overview of the Swedish prosecutor's role.
Reading this page two things are of interest for the Assange case,
"The prosecutor has three main duties, to investigate crimes, to decide whether or not to instigate legal proceedings and to appear in court.......When a preliminary investigation has been completed, the prosecutor takes the decision on whether or not start proceedings." So within the framework of the Swedish "lagföra" the criminal investigation is included, but one can hardly translate oversee a preliminary investigation to neither  "conduct a criminal prosecution" nor legal proceedings. I would say that the EAW was issued and understood by judge Riddle as the prosecutor had actually instigated legal proceedings or criminal prosecution, which is not the case. The Swedish prosecutor has not and cannot complete the preliminary investigation until she has heard Assange. Once she has done her hearing she can "take the decision on whether or not to start proceedings."
The next issue is why Marianne Ny heading the preliminary investigation. Marianne Ny is chief prosecutor of the Gothenburg prosection development center. According to "The development of methodological and legal knowledge within different criminal areas and the management of knowledge in their areas of responsibilities are the centres' main functions. Legal follow-up and inspections also belong to the centres' responsabilities. The development centres handle for example all appeals against prosecutions decisions." So in this case, Marianne Ny, or one of the prosecutors working under her in the Gothenburg development center would handle an appeal against her decision to instigate criminal prosecution?  

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