Lars Lindström, Expressen on Assange

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Lars Lindström, Expressen

Yet another tabloid columnist prove his ignorance and Swedish naivite by writing an open letter to Assange inviting him to Sweden for a fair trial in the rape case. Obviously mr Lindström hopes for brownie points and a couple of free beers tonight from his colleagues when they hang out at one of the Stockholm hot spots for the inbred MSM media horde. The open letter in English is short, probably as short as his knowledge of the Assange case and the English language. I would like to correct mr Lindström on one point in the English letter, Naomi Klein who he mentions as a supporter of Assange has written a very good piece in Huffington Post on the US prosecution of Assange. I think mr Lindström refers to Naomi Wolf, an American liberal feminist who has come to Assange's defense several times. She has not been that impressive though and her appearance in a debate vs Jaclyn Friedman in Democracy Now! was embarrassing for her. She has herself accused a well renowned man for sexual harassment 20 years after it happened so I am not sure about Wolf's agenda in the Assange case.

Anyways, all this is probably to much for people like mr Lindström to even bother about as his agenda is pretty clear. In his badly written, nationalistic chronicle  he demonstrates what some writers from the networked media have claimed, that Swedish journalists employed by MSM are jealous of Assange.  Lindström's jealousy and literary shortcomings are expressed when he writes "Like a modern James Bond, Julian Assange travels around the world with good intentions, gets powerful, international enemies and has sex with attractive women." Well, at least he did not call Assange a smelly albino like some of Lindstrom's international colleagues do. But, comparing Assange to James Bond? And the sour grapes are all over "having sex with attractive women". Then we have the bla, bla, bla about Sweden being not corrupt and we have a fair legal system.  
So if it is true what mr Lindström writes, that Assange is travelling the world and has sex with attractive women, where are the rape cases? Obviously one of his colleagues claims that she was raped by Assange, and that he was a lousy lover but still the coolest man on earth. The rape allegation made by Lindström's colleague was dismissed by the prosecutor but his colleague managed to coach another Assange groupie attractive woman to accuse Assange of rape.
Why cannot Lindström and his colleagues discuss the fact that Assange has never been charged for a crime in his life, if it's true that Assange has "sex with attractive women all over the world", how come that he was accused of rape in Sweden and that one Swedish prosecutor dismissed it and one instigated an international man hunt to question him on what she considered a rape?
Do we have legal justice in Sweden for men being accused of rape. The fact of the matter is that Assange is not the first man with no prior criminal record or reports of sexual abuse that is abused by Swedish prosecutors who seem to have unlimited power to push cases they personally find important beyond what is reasonable. Why don't the Swedish MSM make a collective declaration that they have decided to support their colleague who accused Assange of rape and that their employers have told them to be pro Swedish justice system and all the politics involved to charge Assagne for rape.

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