Oscar to Denmark's Hämnden - Swedish hunk Persbrandt not invited!

A picture named M2
Persbrandt, not happy.    Photo: Nordisk Film

The Danish film Hämnden (A Better World) starring Swedish hunk Mikael Persbrandt won the Oscar for best non-English fim at the Oscars yesterday. Director Susanne Bier received the Oscar and mingled with the film start in LA and  Persbrandt had to stay in Sweden sulking for not having been invited. Pretty cheap of the Oscar committee to not invite the stars of the foreign films, especially a Swede!  While I was nurturing a bad sunburn from having spent the day at the polo fields I watched the red carpet walk up to the Kodak Theatre on TV, I realise that number one, I never learn how strong the Florida sun is in the spring, number two I do not understand red-carpet-fashion, I found most of the dresses worn by the megastars hideous. Especially beautiful Nicole Kidman had a dress and hairstyle that made her look like a mean hockey- momster.  Well, I am not a fashion blogger so I will not dwelve into the fashion flops of the Oscars.  

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