Tea Party fundamentalists - pro US regress

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To much progress for a tea bagger!

Tea Party fundamentalists such as the new Florida governor Rick Scott are a bigger threat to the US than terrorists and natural disasters. This group of madhatters are now running amoc all over the US suggesting the one crazy bill after another, here in Florida Rick Scott who was elected on promising jobs, high quality education and a business friendly climate has decided to stop the most progressive project in the Tampa Bay and Orlando area, the $2.4 billion high-speed rail project that will employ 24 000 people and attract many business to an interconnected two attractive business sites, Tampa Bay and Orlando in a environmental and people friendly way. And this project is funded by federal dollars! These tea baggers do not get it, progress costs! The business community of Tampa Bay and Orlando are not happy about Rick Scott's decision at all and I am sure that the contruction workers that had been looking forward to go back to work again are not to happy with our new governor. Good news though that the Democrats and other sane people have come together to try to stop this guy from wrecking Florida's economy even more.  
Read more about the high-speed rail project here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_high_speed_rail

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