High Tech Silicon Valley robotics company moves to Sweden

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The founders of the robotics company Giraff Technologies decided to leave Silicon Valley and the US to further develop and market their products in Västerås, Sweden. In  2009 the company joined the  Robotdalen as the first foreign business to take advantage of the Robotdalen project. Since then 25 Giraff robots have been sold to 6 European countries and in 2010 Giraff was chosen for the EXCITE project, where researchers from Örebro University study how the elderly interact with Information Communications Technology, ICT, and in 2011 Giraff was listed by the Swedish Institute as one of the 20 most interesting innovations in 2010.

The Giraff communication robot was originally intended for corporate surveillance needs but Robotdalen's focus on technology for independent life as a new business made the founders rethink their strategy and the Giraff robot now works as a communication tool that will enable elderly to live at home with the safety of being online with their relatives and caregivers via a friendly robot.
Ironically the Giraff was born and developed in the US that has the largest healthcare budget in the world, and should really look into smart technologies such as Giraff. However, the founders felt that it would have been to difficult to penetrate the US healthcare system and identify their customers, while the Swedish well-organized healthcare system as well perfect incubator for healthcare robotics make it easier to identity their customs and market.
CEO Stephen von Rump says "Had we stayed in the US, we might never have found our market."  
Giraff is a communications robot called Skype on wheels by the founders and is designed to be used in the home to facilitate for elderly to communicate with relatives and caregivers.
Check out a demo of this cool tool here.

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