International Women's Day - Florida becoming less women friendly

Today is the International Women's Day and time to remember all the heroes that have worked for women's rights and made us almost equal to men. I am very grateful to be a well educated woman that can make my own decisions on who to live with, how many kids I want to have, who to vote for, basic human rights that we must protect. When we still lived in Sweden and wanted to move to a warmer climate we considered Ireland for a while, but decided not to as I promised my daughters and myself that I would never live in a country where a government or priesthood control the female body. Ireland has a law against abortion so therefore Ireland was scratched from our list. I am deeply concerned about the fundamental republicans ideas of restricting the rights of women to have an abortion. To me it is a step back towards the caves left thousands of years ago and very much against the Teabaggers own ideals of "not having the government telling you what to do" and against US Declaration of Independence  "the Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"  

Most of the so called industrialised countries allow legal abortions so does Sweden, where abortion is paid for by the government. Since 1975, 30 000 to 38 000 legal abortions are performed annually.  Sweden has a population of 9 million people, Florida has twice as big population as Sweden with 18 million residents and in 2009 there where about 82 000 abortions in Florida a decline from 96 000 in 2006. So there is actually not that big a difference between Sweden and Florida in abortions. A little bit surprising for me as I have noticed that the sex education is so much better in Sweden than in Florida and that the Catholic Church and other anti- women right organisations are not as vocal in Sweden as in the USA.
When it comes to child povery though, there is a big difference between Florida and Sweden, in the USA nearly 15 million children or 21% of all children live in families with income below the federal povery level and 42% of the children live in low-income families. 46% of the children in Florida live in low-income families and 21% of children live in poor families. It is also clear that education of women is one of the most important factors to prevent child poverty, in Florida 86% of the low-income parents do not even have a high school degree.
In Sweden 11% of the children live in poverty. Let us hope that the new governor of Florida understands and promotes high quality education, he said he would work for high quality education in his inaugural speech so let us hope he won't change his mind and consider the cost of education to much a burden for the Florida tax payers.

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