Finally, Swedish MSM investigates the Assange case - and finds trouble

Today Expressen publishes an article not only in Swedish but also in English about the fact that one of the Assange accusers, Anna Ardin, knew the police woman that reported the initial claim. Expressen has without success tried to get hold of the prosecutor in the case. Let us hope that this will be the turning point for Swedish MSM's reporting of the Assange case. Even Dagens Nyheter has picked up these news.


1 - Thank you for your continuing excellent and leading coverage of this story. It is so difficult to get an accurate picture of what is happening from the American-English media. Or to get anyone here to understand that questioning the reporting on this particular case does NOT IN ANY WAY mean that we are supporting true sexual assaults or rapists.

2 - Anna Ardin did not take Sofia directly to the nearest police station. Anna had already arranged an appointment with her good friend policewomen Irmeli Krans. Anna Ardin was always present by the interrogation of Sofia Wilen. Anna presence was not mentioned in protocols. Every person present at the inquiry must be listed. If not it’s a gross violation of the law. The leaked police papers reveals that Sofia was heart-broken when she learned the charges; she never expected Assange to be charged for rape. In Sweden Sofia Wilen rape case is a crime against the state . The impersonal state-sponsored feminism has taken over and Wilen will simple have to await her fate. Safia Wilen asserts that she was asleep – in which case it is indeed illegal to have sex with her – but her deleted tweets show that she was not asleep, and subsequent discussion indicates consent. May be Assange did something in the grey zone. I think if she is not infected than compassion with Assange after a letter of regret and a financial compensation of Assange is better than a trial. To many things go wrong in Sweden. I read an artikel PoliceLeaks on the website NOVAKEO.COM. that Pro-American right-wings forces in Sweden wanted to do as much damage to Julian Assange as possible. They also were worried that Sweden might become Wikileaks headquarters. May be this is the reason that the closed case of Assange was reopend. In my opinion a rape-process with prosecutor Marianne Ny (is based against men) and unsympathetic woman Anna Ardin (for example she wrote the 7 Steps to Legal Revenge) and Swedish lawyer Claes Borgstrom (has political connections) is barbarian. Feminists fought for there rights and in Sweden they make men criminals.

3 - this is a vulgar display of how legal systems are NOT supposed to work. marianne ny,save some face if there's anything left to save, your ruse is starting to move away from unreasonable, and venturing toward total and complete ineptitude; i have never seen due process so blatantly abused and disregarded as i have at each step of this charade.

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