Assange - the man who kicked the HBT-nest

A picture named M2
Swedish Gay Police Force performing at Stockholm Pride.
Sponsored by Swedish Tax Payers. And no, I did not make this up!

Not so gay pissing-off the Swedish HBT- mafia (HBT stands for homosexual, bisexual and transsexual) , the Swedish gay police will come getcha!  Yes it's true, we have a gay police force in Sweden, check out their home page!  
Assange walked into and right over some central figures in the Swedish HBT-nest and he is certainly being punished for it.

We now know that it was friendship on several levels that lubricated the Swedish legal system to use all available resources to make sure that  Assange is no longer a free man. The fact that Anna Ardin is one of the hornets in the HBT-nest is one explanation to why she felt Assange was a bad lover, he is a straight man and she is an HBT-person. Not so sexually compatible, should Assange go to jail for not satisfying the HBT-people that of course used their, Irmeli Krans of the Swedish Gay Police Force?  
Well, I had no idea we have a Gay Police Force in Sweden and how well lubricated our legal system is by friendship. I did not understand how unprotected men are in the Swedish legal system when it comes to sex crimes, and I did not see what a well lubricated propagande machine the Swedish MSM is hiding pretty scary stuff from the Swedish citizen.
Thank you Assange, for kicking the HBT's nest and I do hope that, in the end, justice will be served.  


1 - ...and I dare say he ain't hetero either

2 - You sick , naive person.
Haven't you sussed it yet that Assange has a personality disorder and therefore is a serial offender?

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