The Emotional Garden Effect

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My Don Juan roses are budding

Gardening is so rewarding and relaxing at the same time. Planting, pruning or planning your garden is not only occupying 50% of the women in the US but also significantly increases the value of your house. The Husqvarna Global Garden Report 2011 asked 5 000 suburban home owners from 9 countries how big an impact a beautiful garden has on the overall appeal of a house, the so called Emotional Garden Effect. The US homeowners guessed an average of 26% higher market value of a beautiful garden. The Swedes guessed a 20% higher market value and the Japanese values a beautiful garden the most, guessing a nice garden can increase the market value as much as 43%. The Emotional Garden Effect was compared to the Rational Garden Effect where houseowners were asked how a garden on a real property is actually worth, US and Poland ranked highest in this estimation with a 9% of the property value. So what makes a beautiful garden, Husqvarna asked the global panel for what they found the most important garden features.  

Number one is a well-maintained lawn, 2. an inviting social area, 3. stone paths and walkways, 4. decorative trees, 5. decorative bushes and shrubs, 6. well-kept hedges, 7. nicely designed flower beds, 8. aquatic elements, 9. a nice garden shed, 10. fruit trees.
This time of the year, the Florida nurseries are exploding with beautiful plants and trees and it is almost impossible for gardeners like me to not buy several plants a week and spend many hours gardening.  After having read the Global Garden Report I can now claim that my gardening is not only a time consuming and rather costly hobby, my gardening projects might payback as much as 3.1 times the money invested if our property is sold. That's not a bad! I have had the feeling all the time that the improvement on the landscaping is not only good for you when you live on your property but also when you sell it, I am so glad that this report came out and next time I hear any complaints my plant purchases I will have the report printed and ready to read. Thank you Husqvarna for publishing this report!

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