Governor Scott and Jack Nicklaus stopped from gangraping Florida's nature and residents

Why waste a lot of land to wild life and the general public to enjoy Florida's beautiful nature? Governor Scott and his buddy Jack Nicklaus recently failed to pass a bill that would allow Nicklaus to build golf courses in Florida state parks. The project named "Jack Nicklaus Golf Trail of Florida" proposed to build golf courses in many of Florida's most fragile parks and wetlands. Jack Nickaus lobbyist, former Attorney General and Secretary of StateJim Smith, even suggested, believe it or not,  that if the state parks couldn't be used they would be happy to build golf courses all over university campuses and land owned by water districts!! Environmentalists headed by the Audubon Society and Floridians alike with the support of golf legend Arnold Palmer protested this obvious attempt to abuse the beauty of Florida and it's residents' rights to enjoy the untouched nature of the state for a quick business deal. One wonders though, if Rick Scott is as business savvy as he wants us to believe and that his ideas and corporate friends are realistic about what is good for our state.  

Afterall, there are golf courses around every corner in this state, and I am sure that most Florida residents are within comfortable golfcart distance from an overfertilized, water guzzling golf course, whether they want it or not. The proposed bill also included a competetive selection of companies that would build the courses, that Jack Nicklaus alone would approve all builders.
Well, Ricks Scott doesn't get it, golf courses are not the future, we must build more themeparks, they do excellent!  there are so many themes that haven't been exploited yet, such as;

Donald Trump City - live life like a millionaire (and pay for it),
Glenn Becksborough - let's go all wacky (you will not get paid though)
McDonaldsburg - eat, eat, eat and never sleep (keep your credit card handy),
Second Amendment Capital - have unlimited fun with your gun (and we'll take care of your wallet)
LifeIsSacred - save a fetus (and we will help you start up the college fund right here and now)  
and last but not least, Jesusville - come to Jesus (we're not sure they accepted VISA whenever or where it was Jesus lived so bring cash, no small bills though, we prefer you pay by 100 dollarbills)

these suggestions are not as nutty as the proposed bill as Florida has more golf courses than any other state in the US, more than 1 000 courses and in 2008 and 2009 the overall revenue for 18-hole courses fell more than 5% according to the National Golf Foundation. And by the way, look at the fantastic idea of the governor of Kentucky and his Noah's Ark project, he is like our governor very much about creating jobs he said it himself "The people of Kentucky didn't elect me governor to debate religion, they elected me governor to create jobs". Yup, yup. And the project led by real pros, the Amish builder headed by a retired army lieutenant are putting a lot of thoughts into the creation of the corporate Arch built for saving, not the world, but Kentucky, he tells NYT, "we think that God would probably have sent healthy juvenile sized animals that weren't fully grown yet, so there would be plenty of room." He continues; "I don't believe in global warming, but I do believe we've got to be good stewards of everything God's given us." Some critics of the Ark Encounter project fear that the project will "reinforce the stereotype of Kentucky as a state full of ignorant hillbillies and gullible rednecks, making the place a laughing stock.....if the governor were sincere in his desire to invest in the future of the state, he wouldn't be supporting miseducation and lies and a low-class, rinky-tink gang of pseudoscientific poseurs and bible-thumping con artists."

Oh, well, what the heck, we need jobs, jobs, jobs. The Disney theme park in Orlando has been doing well for the last few years, and the newly opened Harry Potter theme park have been packed, the LegoLand construction is employing thousands. So themeparks is the future for Florida, one must consider that with more Tea Baggers in control over government finances that states in the US will be competing for entertaining a less educated, more overweight population that would not be interested in golf and culture but rather be comfortably transported through themeparks filled with instant satisfaction.
And why not present the High Speed Rail project to the Tea Baggers as the Hallelujah Rail - travel with the speed of God - Jesus is he pilot, and I am sure they would all see the benefits of shipping themepark visitors around on a heavenly train instead of having them congesting our roads, a real bizniz man would understand that every minute wasted in congested traffic is a dollar lost to the themeparks.


1 - Wish you good luck in your crusade against stupidity and greed!

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