Scandimania: Finnish glassware designer Iittala

A picture named M2
The Aalto vase

I’m a big fan of Martha Stewart Living.  In a recent publication I discovered Fjorn , a great resource for Scandinavian products.  Right now they are advertising a 20% sale on Iittala products. Iittala, a Finnish glassware company, was founded in the late 1880’s and is an international sensation in glassware design, cookware and art pieces. Check out this site for more information on Iittala history or for information on other Finnish design companies. Original Iittala designers Alvar & Aino Aalto set the bar for modern glassware.  Their most well-known product is the Aalto vase which was unveiled in 1937 at the Paris World’s Fair.  It is still made to this day at the Iittala Glass Center 1 ½ hours outside of Helsinki.  It is speculated that the fluid shape was inspired by the lines of the Finnish landscape.  If you ever visit Finland, Iittala has a museum, restaurant and store, making it a great one day trip.  Finnstyle is also offering specials on Iittala.

Another Iittala product is the Teema design by Finnish designer Kaj Franck.  I love this 1950’s look!  It comes in seven colors and you can match other Kaj Franck products such as Kartio & Purnukka with it.  It’s very versatile.   Here are few styles by Kaj Franck designed exclusively for Iittala:
Teema style:

A picture named M2


A picture named M3

Purnukka Storage Jars:

A picture named M4

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