Charlatan Terry Jones' disrespectful acts caused the death of Scandinavians

A picture named M2
Swedish UN worker Joakim Dungel

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Norwegian UN worker Siri Skare

Two Scandinavians, Norwegian leutenant Siri Skare, 52  and Swedish international law expert Joakim Dungel, 33 were amongst the UN workers killed today in Afghanistan. Already in September, General David Petraeus warned Terry Jones that the burning of the Quran would be detrimental and dangerous top the US troops fighting in Afghanistan. It has now been proven that such a disgraceful act of an American Christian extremist has caused the death of UN workers. The former hotel manager turned into a pistol carrying pastor who thinks he is entitled to insult a world religion only to prevent his church to go bankrupt, now bears the responsability for damaging to the peace process and for the loss of lives of curageous people that committed their lives for a better world. Shame on you Terry Jones, you are a disgrace. My condoleances to the families of our Scandinavian brothers and sisters that lost their lives today.


1 - @Gun. He would be denied visa. Emoticon

2 - Since Terry Jones does not regret his act he should go to Afganistan and explain to its people the reason why he insulted their religion.

3 - If the Moslems had another excuse to kill those people then they would have used it. Burning any book is not an excuse to take a human life. Thank Allah for a gutter religion.

4 - Jerry, by my earlier comments I in no way condone the savage reaction of the murderous thugs in response to Jones deliberate provocation and of course you are correct that the burning of a book, flag or any other symbol is no excuse for murder. I think back to the outrageous behaviour of European Christians in the Middle Ages - another era of fundamentalist extremism resulting in torture, mutilation and hideous deaths. There are and always have been deranged people in the world and many find justification for their behaviour in 'defending' their religious beliefs - whatever they may be. Clearly, as with all major religious movements, the Muslim community comprises decent, law-abiding, considerate and peaceful people and should not be judged or condemn by the actions of a mentally unbalanced group of extremists. In the words of Jesus "Father,forgive them, for they know not what they do." And to the families and friends of the dead and injured UN workers, you are in my prayers. Mike Cooney

5 - I too mourn the savage deaths motivated by an act of ugly, gross stupidity by a person who professes to follow the example of an Arabic-speaking, peace-loving, sandal-wearing carpenter's son. If such provocation is not a criminal act in the USA - it should be. However disgraceful the provocation; it should not have been met by blind brutality resulting in the beheading of peace keepers. Jones and his gang have temporarily kidnapped an ancient religious movement; perhaps those extremists who carried out these atrocities, have likewise temporarily kidnapped an ancient religion for their own purposes and heap shame on the true believers. Let peace-loving Christians and Muslims turn their back on them.

6 - @Mike Cooney. Hear, hear, I couldn't have said it better myself. I am happy to see that Obama finally condemned the Quran burning.

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