Royal drama in New York

A picture named M2
Queen Silvia, so royal chique even with a bandage

Queen Silvia was chased by a Swedish pitbull paparazzi freelancing for tabloid Aftonbladet. The tabloid Expressen reports that Queen Silvia was visiting the Beretta store at Upper East Side in New York to buy a gift, may I guess fancy hunting clothes, for the Swedish King. The paparazzi following the Queen was very aggressive on coming close to the Queen who fled to her car but fell down and injured her ancle.  Queen Silvia managed to attend a gala dinner for her charity World Childhood Foundation in New York the same evening with the foot bandaged. The Queen and princess Madeleine had previously visited Boca Raton here in Florida for a gala dinner for the Florida chapter of the World Childhood Foundation where they also attended a sermon with Church of Sweden. The Queen should have stayed in sunny Florida a few more days instead!

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