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Are you into Finnish saunas?  The sauna as we know it today originated from Finland and there is so much buzz these days about all the health benefits.  I was told that my Finnish grandfather Toivo was born in a sauna.  In doing some research, I found that Finnish women gave birth in saunas from the late 19th century to the 1940’s.

Of course, today that custom of is no longer practiced.  Today there are about 2 million saunas in Finland and Saturday is considered “Sauna Day”.  It is the Finnish form of bathing and Finland is very serious about their saunas.  
HGTV aired a special on them.  For a very interesting article and links about saunas, check out HGTV.

A picture named M2

If you are working on home restoration or upgrades, HGTV offers a do-it-yourself sauna.
Find out more about the history of saunas in Finland on Wikipedia
or watch a video on youtube

Next article will be on sisu!  Because if you jump from sauna to snow, like the Finns do, you will need a lot of it!  


1 - You might have mentioned that in the house where you grew up there is a sauna where you used to have a sweaaty bath when you were young.

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