Is Stockholm the Capital of Scandinavia?

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I love the SAS tagline "It's Scandinavian". Very clean, very strong and very true about SAS. Boarding a SAS plane anywhere in the world you always feel right at home as a Scandinavian. Now, as I have mentioned before, Scandinavia is less strong as a brand than Sweden according to Anholt Nation Brand Index.
Some weeks ago I had the great honor to speak to some eight graders about linguistics and multi culti issues, it was interesting for me to learn that the kids had a much better idea of the world map than their parents and they are also well aware of the world's general view on the US and Americans. I talked about the history of the English language and asked where the Vikings came from, with no exception the kids said Iceland, and on my question on what Scandinavia is, none of approximately 100 kids had heard about Scandinavia. So a tag line like the Capital of Scandinavia would be confusing for many speakers of English as they could not place Scandinavia on the world map.  Stefan Saidac, a brand strategist has some comments on the Stockholm tag line in a column published today in SVD. Saidac is very critical to the tagline as he thinks that it doesn't say anything about Stockholm and that it is time to come up with a better slogan for the capital of Sweden.

I agree with Saidac and hope that the tax money being spent on marketing could be used to catch the sole and spirit of Stockholm. Honestly, the Capital of Scandinavia, is ridiculous, if you know what Scandinavia is you know the three capitals in Scandinavia is Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.
In the column named "Stockholm deserves a real slogan" Saidac also points out that it is not for Stockholm to market and promote Scandinavia and opposes the arguments for the current slogan on Stockholm Business Region's homepage; "Stockholm is in the heart of Scandinavia"  - No, it is Gothenburg. "World class communications" - According to Skytrax, Kastrup [Copenhagen] is the best airport in Northern Europe, followed by Helsinki Vantaa and Oslo Gardemoen. "International culinary culture" - Copenhagen has more restaurants in Guide Michelin including Noma awarded the best resturant in the world.
So what would make Stockholm the Capital of Scandinavia and how would such slogan attract businesses and tourists to the city? I think it is an embarrassing and good for nothing slogan that could easily be changed to something more relevant, Stockholm as a city for tourists and international business is safe, crisp, clear and fluid, like clean water, easy to get around, both for travellers and businesses. Bottle that if you can in a neat slogan!

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