H&M plans to open store in Tampa!

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Finally, real fashion is coming to Tampa Bay, H&M is planning to open a store in International Plaza, Tampa.  Hopefully sooner than later so that we do not have to make the dreary drive on bad I 4 and endure the low end Florida Mall in Orlando to get to our fasion mekka. According to an article published on tbo.com the Swedish store is planning to open a store between 20,000 and 49,000 square feet which would make it one of the bigger stores in International Plaza. Step-by-step Tampa Bay is becoming a real paradise for Swedes, we have the food and furniture of IKEA and look forward to the Swedish affordable fashion of H&M, we can also celebrate our traditions with other Swedes if we want to, thanks to the hard work of the Swedish clubs in Sarasota and Tampa Bay,  all this under the Florida sun and with the beautiful beaches of the Florida west coast.


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