Hurra! Gevalia will be available in US stores in August

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It's getting better every day for Swedes in Florida, Kraft Foods will begin selling Gevalia via more than 20 000 supermarkets, mass merchandisers and other retail outlets throughout the US. Ten different roasts will be available in August and the Gevalia coffee roastery is located in Gävle Sweden, Gevalia is the latin name for Gävle,  has already begin shipping their coffee to the US. Gevalia is the number one coffee brand in Sweden and it is a really, really good coffee. Sweden is a big coffe drinking nation and I would say that the Swedes have fostered the development of the best coffe you can find in the world. I would guess that most of the people that try Gevalia once available here will never go back to the overroasted, bland and uberexpensive coffee they have had to put up with here. I would guess that Publix here in Florida will offer Gevalia and I cannot wait to get my hands on the first batch.    

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