Today is sjätte juni - Sweden's National Day Today is sjätte juni - Sweden's

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I have never felt as Swedish as here in the US, after a few years away from Sweden my selective memory paints a beautiful picture of my motherland. We will celebrate with sill (pickled herring), färsk potatis (new potatoes), nubbe (vodka shots) and strawberries for desert. In Sweden our king has alread made his traditional speech in Skansen,  Stockholm and again we need to reminded why we celebrate a National Day in a country that has never been occupied and still has a king, not as a ruler, but we are still kind of a kingdom.
Two historical events took place in Sweden on June 6, the end of the union with Denmark and the election of Gustav Vasa as Sweden's king in 1523 and on June 6 in 1809 Sweden approved a new constitution. The Swedish National Day did not become an official holiday until 2005, the same year we left our homeland, Swedes have no real tradition for this new holiday and many, including me, feel that the real Swedish National Day is Midsummer, when old pagan traditions celebrate the most beautiful time of the year in Sweden. Anyways, here in Darby, Florida we have the Swedish flag out and the vodka in the freezer.

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