Midsummer in Tampa Bay

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Gustav Vasa enters Stockholm on Midsummer Eve 1523. Carl Larsson.

Midsummer is not as magic in Florida as in Sweden but you can still eat great Swedish food and hang out with Swedes to celebrate the big day here. If you want to eat a lot of salmon such as gravlax, poached salmon, smoked salmon and herring as well as the smorgasbord bestseller hardboilded eggs with shrimp you can go to IKEA tomorrow, they offer a generous Midsummer buffee for less than $10. On June 25 at for pm in Fort De Soto Park the Swedish Club of Tampa Bay has their midsummer celebration, bring your own Midsummer dish and enjoy the beautiful Fort De Soto Park with Swedes, Sill and Schnaps.


1 - Does this mean tomorrow as in June 20th?

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