40% of 500 fortune companies founded by immigrants or their children

A report published by the Partnership for a New American Economy claim that more than 40 percent or 200 of the Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children. Eighteen percent of the 500 companies were founded by immigrants and another 22 percent by children of immigrants, according to the report the foreign-born population of the US has averaged 10.5 percent since 1850, in other words, immigrant entrepreneurs are overrepresented as founders of Fortune 500 companies. Companies such as Apple, Google, AT&T, Colgate, eBay, Ford, General Electric, Heinz, IBM and Kraft, McDonalds are examples of well known brands founded by immigrants or their children. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple is the son of immigrant parents from Syria, Walt Disney was the son of a Canadian immigrant, as well as the founders of Oracle (Russia and Iran), IBM (Germany), Clorox (Ireland), Boeing (Germany), 3M (Canada) and Home Depot (Russia).

As a Swede used to be confused with being from Switzerland I was very disappointed to find an error in the report though, it claims that the Fortune 500 company Flour was founded by Swedes, wrong, wrong, it was founded by a Swiss family.  When will people learn......

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