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Famous Norwegian chef & author Andreas Viestad hosts a series called “New Scandinavian Cooking and Perfect Day.” These shows are shot on location outdoors.  He’s also authored cookbooks such as, “Kitchen of Light – New Scandinavian Cooking.”  His programs take you on a tour of Nordic cuisine, culture & history and include a cast of other famous chefs, such as Finnish native Sara La Fountain, Swedish author Tina Nordstrom and Dane Claus Meyer.  Watch them create local food outdoors in the Nordic countries.  While it is a cooking show, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside.  In one show, Andreas boards an old sailing ship to share the story of the origins of aquavit.
Check out  Create TV for more information on shows, recipes and photos (also program times and watch this video of Andreas preparing hazelnut fish fingers. You can also visit the web site of New Scandinavian Cooking to meet the chefs, sign up for free newsletters, watch videos (see tab top right for WEB TV & video link), read articles, find recipes, book resources, etc.  Learn how to make a flourless chocolate cake!

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2 - Yes, we do arrange customized, Scandinavian tours with a partner.

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