Swedes are not that naive

Last Friday a Swedish woman, left her baby in a stroller outside a restaurant in downtown Amherst for 10 minutes, the police was called to the scene. The child was found to be in good health and spirits but the police had to report the incident to the State Department of Children and Families. It is unlikely though that there will be a police investigation. The Swedish woman had allegedly told the police that it was common practice in Sweden to leave children unattended outside stores and restaurants. I disagree with the Swedish woman in Amherst on two points. It is not common practice anymore to leave anything outside stores in Sweden, when I was young I used to leave my dog outside stores, but due to many thefts of unattended dogs in Sweden I never left a dog outside a store for the last 10 years I lived in Sweden, the same thing with kids, it is not common practice, at least in bigger cities and unknown areas to leave your child unattended outside stores or restaurants. If you are in another country I would say that most women, including me, would be even more cautious about the safety of your child. Having lived in Florida for some years now, I would never dream of leaving a small child unattended.

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