Svenska Hollywoodfruar - Swedes are not glammy, bitchy or nutty enough

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The Real Housewives series created by Bravo is addictive, at least the NY Housewives and the Hollywood Housewives. The American housewives manifest an extraordinary nastiness combined with a total lack of intellectualism, humanism or even sense of humor in their way of living the plastic, fantastic American dream. I cannot stop watching these group of women though, they are, to a Swede, fascinating in their pure nastiness, complete lack of style and etiquette, and open greed and jealousy. One of the most hilarious characters is the woman who titles herself Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, just like her name,  she is a bizarre mix of US mobile park dweller with good looks that has taken a few tours in the fine rooms of Europe and now is telling everyone at all times how they are supposed to behave in the most rude way possible and doesn't mind embarrassing her guests with remarks on their short comings in style and finesse. Anyways, fun to watch and make me feel good. The Swedish copy aired on TV3 is bleak to say the least. I watched the first episode online and was very disappointed, being spoiled with the American Housewives the Swedish cast is not bitchy, crazy or glamorous enough to entertain.
Having two girls in US schools, middle school through high school I can see how many US girls are fostered to be nasty and self centered and later develop into real bitches and if married rich after a pointless college education will become perfect housewives American style, for Swedes though, crazy, bitchy, uber glam do not come naturally. Swedes are just to nice and to well behaved in their nature to be entertaining. In the first episode, TV3 promises more bitch and claws coming out,  but the houseviwes did not deliver, they where all to nice, to much understated and simply not nutty enough to be entertaining material. None of them are true glamorous and they all live pretty modest considering them being in Hollywood. And at least for a Swede living in the USA their activities are just to much everyday, middle Svensson stuff, cleaning house, having friends over for lunch, making Swedish meatballs, getting stuck in traffic, home decoration, having your nails done, maintain your duck lips and botox forehead, it's just to ordinary. Eventhough TV3 realises that they must make sure there is a dynamic between the housewives as well as offer the viewers a peak into their everyday life, the current cast just do not work so well together, the mix is not good and in the first episode you could feel how uncomfortable and stiff they were together. The only one I would keep would be Gunilla Persson, she looks like a drag queen, just like Countess LuAnn, and appears to be somewhat crazy and disconnected and can, with some grooming, develop into an interesting character. Gunilla Persson would be interesting to see interacting with Anna Anka, who appeared some years ago while she was still married to Paul Anka. I also like to see the Swedish housewives in Hollywood perform other activities than house cleaning, cooking and home decoration, there are already a lot of good programs covering these areas of interest. I will check out the next episode of the Swedish housewives, and hope it will be more interesting than my BlackBerry.  
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