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Our king visited beautiful Gotland on the Swedish national day celebration, one of the lunches he will be served is prepared by the chef of restaurant Lilla Bjers and winner of the Young Chef of the Year award 2012, Lugaz Ottosson. I think this lunch is not only good for a king but also for my family and friends. I am going to prepare my version of Luffarbiff/Flat Iron Steak Primörsallad/Primeur Salad Färskpotatis/New potoes and Senapskräm/Mustard cream with a sweet and tart ending with Raberberpaj/Rhubarb pie with a Florida twist. Flat Iron Steak or Top Blade Steak was actually a cut that was co-developed by a University of Florida researcher in Gainsville, it is a very popular cut of meat here in the USA and it will soon be on my grill.
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NEW POTATOES - on crisp bread topped with herring roe
Is a must in the summer for a Swede and they must be prepared the following way to get the taste of Swedish summer. Rinse the new potatoes, bring salted water to a boil, add the potatoes and some sprigs of dill, make sure the water level is right below the top of the potatoes, boil for about 20 minutes, test for softness with a stick. Serve with salted butter. I made the new potatoes a part of a salty appetizer, on crisp bred that I snapped in three peaces, I put butter, sliced the new potatoes lenghtwise on top of them I put some sour cream and chives and finished with red herring roe, as this is a lunch for a king I topped this little bite with dill flowers. I always have frozen dill flowers in the freezer, they are a staple in Scandinavian cooking and I must say photogenic. You can find red roe at some Publix and Sweetbay stores, and of course at IKEA.  

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This is a cut that benefits from marinating and to be cooked on medium heat. Being a summer lunch I am going to grill the meat outside on medium heat for about 3-4 minutes per side with an inner temperature of 58C/136.4F. This time I will not marinate the meat but do a gourmet salting by rubbing the meat with salt 15 minutes before grilling I will also leave the meat in room temperature for the 15 minutes, this is supposed to make the meat juicier and more tender.

A primeur is the first or early yield of a vegetable or fruit, new potatoes for example are considered primeurs. In Florida some veggies are grown and harvested year round but some are seasonal. I went to my local produce market and picked out vegetables that are grown first hand locally, second hand in Florida, I got radishes, carrots, blue lake beans and spring leeks.
The spring leeks: roots cut off and just clean the green top, will get a quick boil of 1 minute and then go onto the grill with the meat.
The vegetables will be boiled in salted water together and while still warm swished in oil and lemon juice, I am also going to sprinkle some fresh mint and thyme from my herb garden over the salad.
Carrots: cut diagonally and boil until al dente tender, about 1 minute, add Radishes: cut in wedges 1 minute, Blue Lake Beans: whole beans in for about 5 minutes. Drain and toss in mild olive oil, salt, and juice from a lemon.

I'll take 1 cup of sour cream and addd 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard, 1 tablespoon Florida Orange honey and a pinch of salt. Mix until fluffy.

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RHUBARB PIE with rose whipped cream
Have not been able to find fresh rhubarb yet, but I always keep a bag of frozen rhubarb for when I get cravings. I'll take a 1 lb/500 g of sliced rhubard and throw into a pie form that is nice to serve from, then I cover the rhubarb with a yummy mix that will caramelize really nicely, I melt 3/4 cup/150g butter in a pan, take the pan from the heat and add 3 tablespoons/0.5 dl Swedish sirap if you cannot find sirap you can use molasses instead or take some pancake syrup and 1/2 cup/1dl heavy cream. In a bowl mix the dry ingredients, 1cup/2 dl all purpose flour, 2 and 1/4 cup/2.5 dl old style rolled oats, 1 teaspoon/tsk baking powder, 1 cup/2 dl sugar, 1/2/1dl cup of chopped walnuts, a lot of sugar is used but rhubard is tart so you will need it, now mix the wet and dry ingredients and cover the rhubarbs with the mix and put in a 350F/175C owen for 25 to 30 minutes. Let 2 cups/4dl of heavy whipping cream soak up the flavors of 1tablespoon/1tbs of either dried rose petals or if you are an exclusive owner of Kränkus' tea Kalkstensdrömmar, strain the cream add 2 tablespoons/2tbs confectioners sugar and beat until stiff.

If you make a lot of pie you can put it in jam jars for the next day picnic.


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