Cognac burgers with truffle creme

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The other day a friend brought a really smooth cognac from Kazakhstan. I decided to use some of it for the burgers, part of the family came over and I wanted to make a new twist on the all American burger.
Cognac burgers

Add three tablespoons of cognac per pound of ground chuck, mix in salt and freshly grounded black pepper as well. Make sure the cognac and spices are mixed well with the ground beef, but do not overwork. Grill on hot grill.

Truffle creme

1/3 cup/ 1 dl mayonnaise
1/3 cup/ 1 dl whipped soft cheese
3 tablespoons/3 msk black truffle oil
salt and pepper
Mix ingredients

Caeasar Salad

1 heart of Romaine salad
1 English cucumber, peeled
Parmesan cheese
Caesar dressing

Chop salad and cucumber and mix with dressing. Shave Parmesan cheese generously over the salad.

Grill the hamburger bread and cover the bun with truffle creme. Serve with Ceasar salad and sweet potato chips.

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