Foodie Fights: Chick-fil-A - Not so gay

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Dyslectic? Regressive and generally Better Than Though and a holy cow?
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The President and COO, Dan Cathy, of fat food chain Chick-fil-A, CFA, has come out as anti gay in a religious publication, the regressive bible thumper thinks that a family should be created by a man and woman and his corporation via it's charity WinShape, supports groups such as Marriage & Family Foundation and the Family Research Council with millions of dollars. This stance against homosexuals has caused an uproar amongst some city leaders in the USA and in Chicago Alderman Joe Moreno wants to use his aldermanic privilege to stop the fat food chain from expanding there, so far they have opened one restaurant there. According to Chicago Tribune, CFA has been sued 12 times for 1988 for discrimination against employees, one of them was Aziz Latif who was fired after he refused to participate in a group prayer to Jesus Christ at a company training program in 2000. I've never been to a CFA restaurant as I think the name is so annoyingly ridiculous and I do not like their eat more chikin commercials, why spend money on spelling errors and promote disneyfying of animals being abused at industry farms. Obviously this particular better-than-though evangelist might actually suffer from dyslexia, as his company, according to Wikipedia, had to admit they where lying about recalls of
toys made by Jim Henson Company that after Cathy's coming out as anti homo marriages said they would stop their business relationship with CFA and donate payment from CFA to Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, CFA thereafter sent instructions to its restaurants to post signs saying that the toys were being recalled due to a safety issue, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has no such recall recorded and the CFA management had to admit that it was not a recall but a voluntary withdrawal. I am not a big reader of the Bible, but I know for sure that the Bible and God and probably Jesus Christ are against lying. Mr Cathy has the right to express his opinions of course, and I as a consumer has the option to not eat at his places, but this alderman Morano is a bit scary if he wants to use the opinions of the companies' leadership to stop them from establishing in Chicago. This will give fodder to the anti government rants from the rest of the regressives for sure and this alderman should come out with a statement on him not using his powers to punish corporations due to the opinions of their leadership. I think it would be pretty cool though if Moreno stopped being so moronic and followed the example of cool Jum Henson Company, why not sponsor the opening of gay bars, offices for Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation next to the CFA Chicago locations. Maybe that would scare the cave man back home to the deep fried south.

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