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There are around 60 000 Swedes living in the USA and about 11 million Americans with Scandinavian roots. A small number of consumers that doesn't matter to IKEA, however, it appears as if they did get a little bit concerned when Swedish expats all over the world used Facebook and Twitter to express their anger over IKEA removing more than 150 Swedish brands from their food store, replacing them with their own brand of cheaper food. Personally I was really upset that they took away Kalles Kaviar from the Tampa store before they stocked up with their own "Smörgåskaviar ". After having boycotted IKEA for more than a year I went back some weeks ago and found Kalles Kaviar and the generic Smörgåskaviar I got both and took home for a test, so IKEA is listening, a little bit to us expats, and they should if they want to market themselves as a Swedish retailer.
I must say that the Kalles' tube always make me happy, the smiling boy on a blue background make a Swede feel good. The IKEA tube looks like something produced by the Swedish co-op Konsum with a communist vibe of bland and boring, black and white, it could have come off as sleek but I think they failed miserably. It is also less user friendly as you have to squeeze much harder to get the kaviar out than you have to with Kalles. So on my breakfast table, Kalles overall makes me more happy and gives me a better start of the day. The IKEA kaviar also taste bland and have an after taste of lard, it is less salty and sweet than Kalles so in my mind it does not go as well with eggs as Kalles. I am going to pay $1.50 more for Kalles as long as they will offer it in their stores and hope that in the meantime they can tweak their own product to taste and look better. Another detail, when I red the contents of the kaviar, IKEA used the not so attractive translation of the Swedish rapsolja, rapeseed oil, instead of canola oil, that is common here for a reason, one would think IKEA knew how to avoid such cultural missteps. Hopefully that will change as well. Kalles Kaviar has figured it out and uses the canola oil translation.  


1 - Ja, Kalles is the one and only. The Ikea tube is incredibly ugly, and an image of a black fish squirting out eggs is not very appetizing.

Let's face it, Ikea has an attitude towards people as consumers they treat like cattle. There is no sense of caring or individual attention or concern.
I went to Ikea today to get a pastry cutter. They don't even sell pastry cutters. The place was a maze & is also huge. I kept going in circles and could not find my way out of the bedroom-living room area - so I went back out the way I came in, through an 'entrance only gate' and down a long flight of steps. Greeted by a very attractive young girl with a mannequin fake smile who told me 'oh you went on the wrong way? A question and a statement. (big smile, exuded sanctimonious righteousness over going out the wrong way) I said YES this is the only way I could find to get out.
OH, she says, (making a half pointing half sweeping up in a dismissive way 'shooing' me in an upwards direction') You have to walk all the way through the store to the other side to go out - the smile never leaving her face. Seriously, nothing makes me angrier than FAKE glued on smiles. It seems cruel somehow.
For a minute I thought maybe she was just telling me so I would understand for future reference, but, NO, she actually expected me to do that, when I was now 10 feet from an outside door. But she sure as hell wasn't going to show me the way. So I just loudly said YEAH, WELL I'M ALREADY OUT NOW, and walked past her. Emoticon She was so mad. She didn't 'express' it in a normal way, she passively aggressively ignored me when I continued to speak & walked upstairs. I walked towards the toilets looked about & when I turned around she was over there 'not looking at me' talking into a walkie talkie phone, with a more honest expression of petulant anger. I guess she was reporting me to security for the severe infraction of not obeying her.
I had to walk the entire length of the mall so I could enter through the kitchen entrance.

I felt like a cow gone to the slaughterhouse. People are just expected to self serve almost everything, and even the pretense of helpfulness is too much to ask. They just want your money and get out. When I asked a man where the checkout area was, he said 'through those doors, then left, then you will find it'. Another nightmare. I didn't just 'find it' and ended up in the same room furnishing area I got trapped in the first time. I asked someone else, who just pointed and then swept her hand right in a general direction and said 'that way'. Nobody was willing to walk 10 feet or take 10 seconds to explain more than the general direction from where they were standing

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Look at this map! The rooms are also each filled with displays that are further separated by fake walls & bookcases creating a rat maze. And it's 2 stories with entrances inside the mall, outside, and exit is somewhere else.

Checkout consisted of 18 open 'self service' lanes each leading to 6 check out stations and TWO lanes with cashiers. The self serve only takes PLASTIC and I only had cash, so I was forced to wait behind people who had items too physically large to self check, like sheetrock & lumber.

By the time I left Ikea today (and still hours later) my shoulders hurt so badly, my head hurt. I just felt miserable, faceless, used & used up. And I should never feel miserable after buying new kitchen gadgets. Never. Emoticon

Did you hear the uproar about Ikea using their regular catalog for sale of products in Saudi Arabia, but took the time to edit out all the women? Emoticon So Mom & Dad with their 2 kids in the bathroom, all in their jammies, brushing teeth and drying wet hair turned into just Dad & the kids. Swedes were upset, Ikea apologized - as if they care.

Ikea doesn't care about anything but money. They retail Swedish 'goods' but they don't care about Swedes, all they care about is selling product.

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